Our unique and cozy factory

Hi there! It's Rumi from Tokyo.
Hope you enjoy the lovely season :)

Since our parent company's headquarters and factory is in Osaka, I sometimes visit there.
It's always fun to go there to see some machines, and also I look forward to seeing our colleagues.
(Many thanks, Maki for your support!)

There are more than 50 special machines for our original cards and envelopes.

Although we have only 8 staff members in our Tokyo office, more than 120 people are working at the Osaka office/factory. So the enviromnet is so different from my office!

One of my favorite places in the factory is staff cafeteria. (food is yummy!) Also, I love the big painting there. Can you see?

In the painting, it says "connect the world!" And there are some international people at one big table, and having lunch together. It always makes me smile :)
Sometimes I have a coffee there looking at the picture. It is the most relaxing time.

(making scene of the painting) pretty big, right?

I will show you more about our factory next time.

Happy Halloween!!


New series! #710

Have you checked our paper of the month club, September?

If not, please check it out :) paper of the month club

Now we are preparing to introduce our new series #710 as one of the standard series on our website. And we have introduced the series in advance in the paper of the month club(September) as limited assort pack version.

The theme of the series is "landscape." For this fun series, we have designed the unique landscape freely beyond time and space.

assorted pack of 6 cards and 6 envelopes ($15)

6 designs- snow mountain, dinosaurs, ocean, amusement park, city night view, moon landing
Which one is your favorite?

We have printed the designs with 2 color letterpress and 1 color offset printing on thick cotton paper (300gsm).

We accept orders by October 1, so don't miss this opportunity! :)


"House of Light" in Japan

Hi world! I'm Maki from Osaka :)

Since I'd love to introduce some cool places in Japan, this time I will write about one of my favorite places, Echigo-Tumari.

Before the hot summer ends, I went to Echigo-Tumari, Niigata prefecture. (It takes about 3 hours by air plane and car from Osaka.)

The area is famous for contemporary arts, and there are about 200 kinds of arts in the area. One of my purposes was to see the famous art, "House of Light" by James Turrell.

"House of Light" is a beautiful house, which we can stay and can feel and touch the art directly. (It's the only art in the world, and I stayed there for one night! Yay!)

Inside the house, I spend fabulous time! By lying down on the Japanese tatami mat, and I saw amazing sunset. At night, as the rooftop windows open, lots of stars appear just in front of me.... (Woo, I wanted to stay more!!)

For other arts of James Turrell, there are some in Nao Shima (Nao Island) and The 21st century museum in Kanazawa.

I also found this fun art which was created by a Cameroonian artist. I love these cheerful colors!

Have a lovely week!

Maki from Osaka


Adorable personalized seals♥

Have you checked our adorable personalized seals? They are limited items since they are introduced at our "personalized stationery of the month, July." Ending soon!

You can choose monogram or creature designs.
I personally love creature seals :) So lovely!

I am going to order ocean designs, which are fish, turtle and seahorse, and will print my name on them. Also, you can choose one color, turquoise or dark purple. (Hmm...both colors are so cute. I can't decide..!)

I'd love to use them for letters and gift wrapping!

We will soon update the new bespoke stationery of the month, so please don't forget to check it out in August. You can check the items here.

Have a nice weekend!



Winged Wheel's new factory!!

Our factory has moved to a new place in Osaka!
It's a brand new factory, and our 120 colleagues are working there.

I personally love the chimney of the building. (WW's logo!)

Entrance (Haguruma envelope is a name of our parent company.)

When you enter the door, many colorful envelopes will welcome you!

I will tell you more about our new factory soon!



wallpaper* invitation

The party was held at Baroni House in Milano.
My friends, Chiara and Lucio could send us a lot of photos about the party.
(I wanted to join!!)

Woo, it looks so gorgeous event...

So many luxurious hand-made items!

And...look! Our invitation was introduced at the party! Yay!!

We are so happy that wallpaper* chose us to make the luxurious invitation.

Grazie mille! to my friends, Chiara and Lucio, and Nishino-san who is a washi crafsman and could support our collaboration.

And, "arigatou" to everyone who love Winged Wheel :)

Lots of love,

Winged Wheel team


Winged Wheel x Wallpaper* magazine!

Hi there, we would LOVE to share our exciting news with you!

We collaborate with the famous design magazine in the UK, "Wallpaper*"! Yay!
The wonderful project was to produce luxe invitations for their reception event at Milano Salone. Milano Salone is a famous design exhibition in Milan, Italy.


The theme of Wallpaper at the exhibition was "hand made", so for their invitation, we have selected 100% cotton paper which are made by a Japanese washi craftsman.
We also made fabulous envelope! The edge color of the envelope is painted by hand by our expert staff members.

After we shipped the paper and envelopes, the team of Wallpaper* could make the incredible invitations!! We love their design! (Especially, I love their embossing logo. Woo, so cool!)

The beautiful letterpress printing by Mr Smith's Letterpress Workshop, London

The reception was held on April 15 at the Brioni Palazzo, Milan.
Luckly, my Italian friends, Chiara and Lucio joined the event, so I will introduce some photos at the event next time!

Enjoy your lovely week :)

Rumi from Tokyo


Sakura, sakura☆

Hello all, it's Maki from Osaka :)
How are you? It's a bit strange weather here. Still cold in spite of mid April...!

Have you ever heard the Japanese word, "sakura"? It means cherry blossoms, and is the symbolic flower in Japan. We enjoy the season of sakura in early spring.(From late March to early April). It's a typical Japanese custom, but people really love to have parties under/near the trees. (Me, too!)

Since it is mid April, the season is getting over...

(Woo, I'm already miss sakura!)
Anyway, I took a photo of sakura, Hope you can enjoy, too ;)

And, this is a photo from Rumi in Tokyo.
People are enjoying the parties. Sounds fun!

During the sakura season, we can see a lot of "sakura-pink" color all over the city. I saw many sakura themed show windows, and even foods such as sakura cake, cookies, and doughnuts at department stores. It is one of my favorite seasons.

Have a nice weekend!



Last month..it was a busy busy month since we had a lot of orders from foreign countries. (Thank you for all customers!)
We are so happy our cards are loved by many foreign people...!

One of the reasons we got so many orders is that the famous stylish website in the US, "DAILY CANDY" featured our new calling cards! Yes!! Please check our article here.

It is so interesting that the most popular design of the cards is "wisteria."

I personally love camellia, and it is the second popular design.
You can check the all designs here.

Many many Arigatou to you all!



Our new cards, series 610 was featured on d*s!

One of the famous design blogs, design*sponge introduced our new cards! Yay!!

You can read our article here.

We are so happy that we have so many inquiries from all over the world.
About series 610, please check here.

One more news, we have started Twitter, so please follow us♥
We are going to tweet about our items and also Japanese trends ;)


Domo Arigatou!

Rumi & Maki


Our new card, series 610

Konnichiwa, world!
We are thrilled to introduce you our brand new series #610!

For the paper of the series, we held many tests for two years to produce the hand-made paper. And finally we produced the beautiful cotton paper.

As for the designs, we were inspired by vintage Japanese woodblock pictures in Meiji Era(1868-1912).
These are really subtle and graceful!
Hope you like them :)

You can learn some more stories here.

As for the series, we offer printing service for calling cards.
And, we have selected the beautiful color inks for each design.

So if you are looking for your calling cards, please don't forget to check out this lovely series, too ;)


Have a nice day!

Rumi and Maki, (from Tokyo and Osaka)


Fun correspondence card, Zebra

Hello world!
I love the Valentine's season since we can see a lot of
romantic store window displays here in Tokyo.

I made my new correspondence card using our series 602 design, zebra.
The design is letter pressed on cotton paper with hand borderd (gold edge).

I really love its grayish green design.

It's like a safari color :)

Also, I love to choose colorful envelopes for this zebra card.
Especially my favorite colors are brown and mint green envelopes!

We have started to "bespoke stationery of the month" service
in our Japanese language website.

(I ordered my zebra card from the service.)

You can check the image of the service in our website here.
February is adorable pig calling card! (Sorry it's only in Japanese...!)
We will also introduce the service in our English website soon!

Rumi, Tokyo


collaboration with letterpress 77

We had a fun collaboration event at our Tokyo store last Monday.
The guest speaker was Mr.Kiyo Matsumoto, an owner of
letterpress 77, and he owns his studio in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Kiyo(right) and our boss, Masaki(left)

As you can imagine from the company name, Kiyo is an expert of letterpress,
at the same time, he is also a designer of his letterpressed items
such as calling cards, greeting cards and wedding invitations.

About 20 participants who are working as designers, printers, and retailers enjoyed his talk, and exchanged the design trends between Japan and Germany.

This is our collaboration card with letterpress 77.
Kiyo designed these adorable designs for us,
and we made the cards. Which is your favorite card?
For me, since they are all cute, it's hard to choose one! :)

You can check his lovely studio and designs

Have a lovely weekend!



The 50 Best Stationery!!

The famous British newspaper, The Independent introduced our products(series 342) as "the 50 best stationery"! Yay!

Although we have not read the real article yet, we were thrilled to see our items on their website!

We look forward to seeing it by newspaper :)

Now, we have many orders from the UK.
(Dear customers, Thank you so much for ordering our cards & envelopes!)

Please read the article here.

Also, if you are interested in the series 342, you can check here.

Have a nice weekend!

Rumi & Maki


Cheers! Happy New Year, 2010☆

May this year be filled with peace, prosperity and good fortune!

One of the most traditional New Year's events in Japan is the custom of making visits to shrines or temples - this is known as "Hatsumoude."

Of course, I visited a shrine near to my home for praying my wish of 2010.
I really love the architecture, especially its bright red color.

Kanda Myojin is well known as "God of business" here in Tokyo, and it was pretty crowded!

I like the new year holidays in Tokyo since the period is the most quiet time.

Our stores in Tokyo and Osaka have already opened.
Staff members are looking forward to meeting many customers at the stores!